Video Selling Formula (eBook + Audiobook) by Marcus Rideout

Video Selling Formula (eBook + Audiobook)

Get The Book Responsible For Driving $6,590,889.74 In Video Project Sales By It’s Readers Since Jan 2018


My name is Marcus and I’m a video creator that cracked the code on how to sell video production services at higher rates. Before we get into how I broke free from selling videos for between $350-500 into my first four figure and five figure video projects, lemme tell you a bit of my story. 

Maybe you’ll see yourself somewhere in this story too…

I first got bit by the filmmaking bug in 2005 and always dreamed of one day getting paid to do what I loved. I got so obsessed studying the art and craft of filmmaking, it was with the same kind of intensity and unshakeable grip that a great white shark swimming in chummed water would latch onto you with if you fell in. 

I put in countless unpaid hours in the edit suite (learning on Final Cut Studio 2 - man the boxes that software came in used to be so epic!). I shot and edited over 40 (shitty) short films with my friends, learning something new every time! Whether it was lighting, sound, placing camera angles, I loved it, and I always dreamed of making a feature and getting paid to do this for a living. That’s when I did what a lot of us creatives do… I went to film school.

I figured I had to go to film school in order to be taken serious and get paid like a professional - and I still remember the disbelief on Day 1 of year 2 of the program. It was on that day when I realized I had already learned everything they were teaching me just from my passion of making shorts and music videos. This thing I thought I had to do in order to make a living couldn’t have actually been further from the truth!

If you’ve been to film school chances are you probably had a similar experience as I did (and if you didn’t go, congrats! You’re not missing out) in that film school teaches you to become a really good ‘technician’. 

Sure, you can learn to expose an image, balance a shot, set up a mic and lights, but when it comes to actually making money outside of ‘working your way up the ladder as a PA in Film or TV industry”, they did jack shit to help me figure out how I could justify my worth as a creative. 

I still remember one of my teachers didn’t even have a clue on how to replicate win after win, and he was part of a project that was greenlit by TV channel with a million dollar budget. 

Nobody could show me how to create an air-tight emotional connection to potential clients and hot to logically back it up so I could convince a business owner to part with their hard-earned dollars to me over any other film school grad.

I felt like there there was no hope, and the first year of running my own business looked even more grim than that… but I do wanna foreshadow that there is a light at the end of this story’s tunnel.

I remember starting my video business shortly after my 26th birthday - I was fed up with working a lame-ass job for someone else and making them rich. I figured, “Hey! I might as well try! My boss ain’t so different than me, and if I don’t TRY then I have no excuse to complain in my 50s or 60s about what I wish I had of done in my twenties.”
 Let me tell ya - business and sales was rough that year. 

I struggled, hard.

I barely scraped up $17,000 in sales, slinging most of my videos for between $350-500. 
There was no rhyme or reason, no logical path to follow… yet.

I remember the pinnacle for me in that first year was I somehow fluked out selling a project for  $1200. This was after he told me how expensive my initial quote of $1600 was, of course, and oh  how I buckled at the first sign of rejection. I couldn’t lose this gig!!!
I remember celebrating Christmas with my family that year - of how I useless I felt for not being able to buy my family or my girlfriend any gifts. They said it wasn’t a big deal, that they didn’t need material goods, but I still felt like a total failure.

That was my rock-bottom moment. It was in that moment where I had a passion re-ignited within. That ‘laser-like focus’ on learning, except this time I wasn’t learning anything about making cinematic videos. No, this time I had my eyes set on cracking the code of selling video to clients and getting paid really well for my work!

I inhaled as many books as I could find. I maxed out my credit card on the first sales training course I could find. I inhaled it, but it left me feeling hopeless as it wasn’t specific to me as a filmmaker and was mostly just a buncha bullshit motivational stuff. 

I scoured YouTube for sales training but there was nobody talking about “selling video” at that time (Why do you think I later made my own channel? I owe it to people like you so you don’t have to live through what I did). 

It led me down a path to more courses, and I still hadn’t paid off the first credit card. 
Somehow I convinced my parents to let me put another sales training course on their credit card (that I’d pay them back with the money I made once I learned how to sell). 

It cost $2997, the most I ever went into debt on ANYTHING. 
To most it probably looked like a downward spiral to going completely broke, but for me it was “DO OR DIE!” I HAD to figure it out.

That’s when it happened.

Something clicked in my brain.

I found the roadmap to run a sales meeting so that I could sell video services with total ease.
Without having to spend the whole meeting trying to justify ‘why they should hire me’.
In fact, it was the complete opposite of them pouring out all the details to me and convincing me of why I should work with them!

It was as if a miracle opened my subconscious and the flood gates of the sales legends that went before me said “Marcus… come here dude! It doesn’t have to be hard!!!”

I know, I know… I’m being dramatic. In reality it was probably just my brain saying “ENOUGH ALREADY - GO CLOSE A DEAL!” from all the non-stop sales studying I was doing.

I took my “a-Ha!" to the next meeting I had with a potential client. I asked them the exact same questions I teach you in my book Video Selling Formula, and I pitched my biggest price project at the time ($1997.00 and tax).

I was so nervous, my hands were shaking, and you know what happened?

The client didn’t bat an eye! HE SAID "SURE, I CAN DO THAT!"

I was even able to get them to cut me the 50% deposit right there on the spot with total ease.

I thought, “Man, I must have fluked out! This must have been a lucky convo with the ‘right person at the right time’, but sure as shit I tried it at the next meeting and closed that one too!

Long story short, in 45 days I closed $26,492 + tax from only FOUR clients!!!

They were all happy to pay me and they were WAY better to work with than the people I slaved away for those $350-500 projects. I was even able to bring an editor on to help and I was still able to keep most of the profits!

It was around that time I had a friend who was trying to sell local marketing services to clients who struggled with sales come to me looking for help. I shared my insights but I wasn’t sold on him being able to replicate the process. 

I mean, I’m an extrovert and have no trouble having conversations and he was a quiet introverted techie, but do you know what happened? HE STARTED CLOSING DEALS TOO USING THE SAME FORMULA TOO! He went on to do over $40,000 in his first year of running his business, and I thought that was so cool that I got to play a part in helping him get there!

We both went on to close our first 5-figure projects using the formula, but I was still a skeptic about it working for others. I mean, I’m not some fancy guru or internet marketing genius. I’m just a random loud Canadian dude (who occassionally gets mistaken for an American because of it) who loves watching movies, hanging with my girlfriend, and going to car shows. 

I decided to write this little e-book (“Video Selling Formula” - the one I want you to buy right now, actually!) to see if I could help other filmmakers too.

Then the darnedest thing happened.

It started working for others too!

I started a weekly YouTube show to talk about sales and building a video business. That’s when a few of them asked me to start a private Facebook group where we could continue talking about sales, and now I run the largest and FIRST ever sales training group for Video makers with my best friend Nik.

I can’t believe all that’s happened in just over the year since I started the group. So many people were emailing this random Canadian dude and sharing stories of how my book transformed their lives. 

That’s when the COOLEST thing for me happened in 2018. I started tracking the sales made from the tribe, the people who watch my show and have read my book. It’s called #DealClosed. Any time someone closes a deal they share their success so we can all celebrate, and so we can inspire other filmmakers who are newer to sales and who may not feel it’s possible for them. 

That’s when the unthinkable happened. In ONLY 109 days from starting the #DealClosed tracking… after I received success story after success story from filmmakers around the world… is when we cracked over $1 MILLION dollars in sales of VIDEO PRODUCTION PROJECTS! 

I remember a young dude from Australia sent me a video message. He was only 21 at the time and he emailed me to say he went to sell $11,000 in projects to 3 clients within weeks of reading it. 

Another guy from Europe went to close over €44,000 from only 4 clients in 60 days. 

Story after story and it never gets old. No matter how big or small the project is you close, I LOVE hearing from filmmakers like you who take what I teach, put it to work, and start closing deals.

I’m still just this loud Canadian dude who loves hanging with his girlfriend, watching movies, and enjoying car shows… though now I get to do so with the endless satisfaction that comes from teaching filmmakers a life-skill that once they learn nobody can ever take away from them.

Look, I wrote this book “Video Selling Formula” for filmmakers just like you because there was NOTHING written for me when I got started. There was nothing that led me outta the $350-500 deals to landing my first four figure deal. There was no guide to take the same sales strategy and use it to close 5-figure deals regularly either.

I also wanna be 100% clear and transparent with you right now. I’m not promising you’ll have any success after you read it. You may or may not make any sales at all. You may do lower prices, you may match some of these people, and you may surpass us all completely.

This book is not a magic pill designed to turn you into a highly paid creative who just sits around in your boxers cold-emailing a copy/paste generic e-mail pitching your services.

This book is for you if you are committed to your dream of building your own video production company too. If you’ve got that itch and desire to see “What would happen if I try?”. 

Look, building a business takes work.

It takes effort, and it’s so much more than about your quality of work.

Hell, if it was just about having a slick demo reel then EVERYONE with a slick demo reel would be loaded rich and we’d all be be doing this, but you’re here reading this right now cause you’re not where you wanna be.

Once you crack the code for yourself, making sales is easy. It’s the biggest hurdle you’ll ever face in order to break free from the ‘starving artist’ sterotype, and if you really wanna get there, then why not take a chance learning from the guy who figured it out and also helped filmmakers from all around the world hack the sales process in their favour too.

Buy my book Video Selling Formula now.

And one step further, to make it even sweeter of a deal for you, read it in the next 30 days, and if ya hate it or feel like it’s not actually gonna help you close a deal then e-mail me (my e-mail address is in there and my assistant keeps an eye on it) and I’ll refund you your money back on the spot. 

I’d rather you absolutely LOVE the book and feel like it’s going to help you make over 100x the price of this thing than have you feel like you wasted your money on some bullshit book from a total stranger on the internet.

So what are you waiting for - buy the book now and take control of your destiny!

See you on the other side!

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Tryna figure out this sales thing so you can make a living doing what you love?

I teach video makers how to run sales consultations confidently + how to close deals in-person so you don't have to waste time in coffee meetings with business owners who just wanna 'pick your brain'... or worse, who leave you hanging for weeks with no response after you send your proposals over e-mail.

Learn how to run the meeting like a pro so you can start getting paid like a pro!


How many pages is the book?

The digital version of Video Selling Formula is 48 pages in an 8.5 x 11 format.

Why did you price a 48 page book like a 250+ page book?

If you are able to increase your video production project prices AND learn how to run a sales meeting confidently (without selling out on your creativity) as a direct result of reading this book do you care if it's 250+ pages or if it's only 48 pages?
I wanted to make this as complete and concise of a training book as possible. I'm not here to waste your time, so that's why I decided to keep it to this current length. By the end of this book you will understand exactly how to run sales meetings with ease.

So get to it and share your #DealClosed story with me after you read it!

Do you ship physical copies of your book?

No, it's only in the digital format right now.

Buy it and you'll immediately have access to it in a few formats - PDF, a version for kindle, and a version for iBooks.

I'd love to actually write a full-length book that's physically printed, and maybe I will do just that one of these days.