If there's one skill I wish they had taught me in film school, it would be "how to sell my video services at professional rates".

If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time perfecting your craft in order to create amazingly high quality videos. When it comes to making money with your video services, though, it often feels like you have to sell yourself short on rates. 

You work way too many hours for clients who demand the world from you (and who refuse to pay for your time). 

You stress about where the next pay day will come from.

You might even jeopardize relationships with the ones you love in the process.

And all of this just to barely scrape by…

Thank God sales is a skill that anyone can learn, or else the majority of us creatives would be screwed!

This newletter is my way to help you do just that - to become more confident in selling your services at higher rates (without being pushy or coming across as salesy). 

I'll also provide you with tips and tricks I've learned over the past four years of running a business (an 'incorporated company', with an accounting team, legal, etc), so that you can get through whatever comes your way. 

Lastly, I'll occasionally send e-mails that aren't so 'build a business' related - stuff that's designed to help you make a 'balance' in your life, especially while navigating the ups and downs of this crazy, hectic world of entrepreneurship.

Sign up today to join the tribe!

PS: You can expect NO bullshit & no spam e-mails! I strive to provide value to you, not an endless pitch fest of useless stuff. Your privacy will be respected.
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Marcus Rideout

Do you currently struggle with how to sell your video services?

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